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Did you know the virtually every American woman is misinformed about supplements for menopause. They are provided excessive amounts of calicum when the real issue of bone loss, mental depression, and hot flashes, with the change of life is hormone loss. VSA will teach you how to safely replace hormones with natural herbs.

Vitamin Suplement analyzer Works
Why You Need the Vitamin Supplement Analyzer™(0:45)

Men have special issues too, like iron overload. VSA will show you how to cleanse your liver and other tissues of excess iron.

This is just a sample of common misconceptions that the Vitamin Supplement Analyzer will help you understand.

What Do I Get?

You will recieve access to your personalized 100+ page Online Vitamin Supplement Report. Whether you are taking just a multi or a variety of nutrients. The scientific data in your personalized report is acquired from prestigious health and medical journal studies such as:

Vitamin Suplement analyzer Works
What is the Vitamin Supplement Analyzer™(0:52)

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Journal American Dietetic Assn.

Journal American Nutrition Assn.

New England Journal of Medicine.


Vitamin Suplement analyzer Works
Vitamin Supplement Analyzer™ Is Confidential And safe (0:47)

Vitamin Suplement analyzer Works
Vitamin Supplement Analyzer™ Is Confidential And safe(0:47)


VitaminsView your personalized 100+ page online Vitamin Supplement Report


VitaminsYou can rate your multi- vitamin supplement online and see just how well your multi is designed.

VitaminsReceive Bill Sardi's special offers and stay informed with Bill Sardi latest info.


Vitamin Man
“I have taken vitamins since my 20s. I relied on various books I have read over the years. I thought I knew about vitamins. Your info about dietary supplements is making me ‘dizzy.’ I realized I had been doing some things wrong. I think I did some damage by heeding misinformation.I think of all the money I wasted over the years taking supplements. I’ve adjusted my calcium and magnesium ratio and the forms of these minerals I supplement with. I didn’t know about the problem with vitamin B2 overdose and I reduced my dosage. I turned my supplement regimen upside down.
-GB, age 58, Cambenton, Missouri



Learn all about mega-doses, tolerable upper limits and levels of nutrients for optimal health.

Organized medicine now recommends a multivitamin for every American, but learn the secrets of multivitamins and how you can benefit from which one? Rate your own favorite multivitamin.

First there was the RDA—the Recommended Daily Allowance. Now there is the RGS—Recommended for Genome Stability.

Can you overdose on vitamin A, or vitamin D, or take too much vitamin C, or even calcium?

Multivitamins should be balanced, potent, complete and provided in the proper form. Most brands aren't. Find out why.

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What Do I Do?

Have your vitamin supplement intake list ready.

Vitamin Suplement analyzer Works
How the Vitamin Supplement Analyzer™ Works(1:24)

Submit your one month access payment of only $19.95*. Other subscriptions are available for less than $6 a month!

Complete the Vitamin Supplement Analyzer™ form by reporting your personal daily intake.

You will instantly be able to review your personalized nutrient reports online. The analytical report, complete with the latest scientific information about each dietary supplement ingredient, is completely confidential and is only available for your viewing. You can then print your daily intake list to keep for your records.

Print personalized reports on just the supplements that are of interest to you.

Complete the 26 question survey to rate the quality of your own multi-vitamin.




Take the Headache Out of Understanding Vitamin Supplements.


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